Phase One of the Texas grand re-opening continues today

Now that the Texas executive order to stay home has expired, the re-opening of the Texas economy continues today in earnest.

Under the new order from Governor Greg Abbott, retail stores can re-open at 25% capacity. The same for malls, and movie theaters. Churches will have in-person worship again with limits. State Representative Steve Toth is happy we have some freedom.

"I'm thankful we can get folks out of the house. Isolation is a devastating thing. We need to get outside. We need to experience community and enjoy each other," Toth said.

But at the same time, Toth says 25% might not cut it for small businesses, especially restaurants.

"Their dining room needs to be 70-90% full in order for them to break even. This is just going to prolong the pain. Twenty-five percent is not sufficient," Toth said.

If this goes smoothly over the next two weeks without a big surge in cases, Governor Abbott says more re-openings will take place May 18th.

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