Did bad science lead us to shut down the country the way we did?

The country has been shut down for the last six weeks because of the pandemic, and some are wondering if we had to go that far. Did bad science lead us down that road?

England hit their peak before social distancing. Israeli research says the virus peaks after 40 days no matter what we do. So did we need to shut everything down? Former White House speechwriter and health care executive Michael Johns says there's no easy answer.

"There's no real national answer. It's really fifty different individual scenarios," Johns said. "You almost have to look at New York and New Jersey as one particular part of the problem, and then the rest of the country, where it's not been as profound."

While he understands social distancing, fines for not wearing a mask in Harris County ore over the line.

"The Constitution needs to be upheld completely and without compromise, and that means the rights of the American people need to continue to be upheld," Johns explained.

Like the rights to practice religion in group settings and to express their First Amendment rights.

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