Democrats are pushing hard for a mail-in vote in November

Voting fraud was once best known in Chicago, where the Democratic Party machine was infamous for getting out the vote with the dead and pets. But this year, it could go nationwide.

Democrats want the next stimulus bill to include money so the entire country can vote by mail. Political insider Chris Begala says it's no secret why democrats are pushing for this.

"We've got millions of people who've passed away, dead people, who then can be identified by political operatives or parties and have ballots mailed to a new address."

Begala says he'd like to think neither party would stoop so low as to cheat, but Trump-deranged democrats will do anything to remove the bad orange man.

Begala says the voter rolls are hopelessly outdated in many places and that makes voter fraud easy.

"Democratic leaders, former democratically-elected leaders across the country are aggressively, and I mean aggressively, lobbying for mail-in ballots; it's because they have the opportunity to cheat."

Begala says it's much easier to get mail-ballots for the dead, illegals and pets and that's why democrats are making it a priority.

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