Home School Advocates Rip Harvard Research, Public Schools Failure

Leftist education snobs are pointing to tele-schooling failures during the COVID-19 pandemic to make their case against homeschooling.

Some argue homeschooling during the pandemic has set back a generation of children. One Harvard researcher is calling for complete ban, calling homeschooling 'dangerous' becauase it gives parents 'authoritarian control' over their children.

“They have a couple of articles that have come out to say how bad homeschooling is and that it's basically relegated to conservative Christians who are bad people who want to keep their children in the dark, which of course is absurd,” says celebrity home school expert Sam Sorbo.

Sorbo says two home schooled Harvard grads have since penned articles condemning their alma mater.

“Just because tele-schooling is not performing to people's expectations, what is right now? Schools certainly aren't performing to people's expectations, they're shut down,” she says. “They don't want to lose children from the system because every child means money to the system.”

The Texas Home School Coaltion helped launch CoronavirusHomeschooling.com to help parents educate their children during the pandemic. It includes daily lessons for K-12 students.

“I've graduated four all the way through K-12,” says West Texas home school mom Julie Jumes. “All four of them are excelling in the fields they're in. A couple of them have degrees. They're all debt free.”

Jumes argues the pandemic has exposed public schools' failure to embrace technology and home lesson plans.

“I was public schooled,” she says. “So I had to go through a time of getting out of the mindset that education looks anything like sitting behind a desk for hours. It just doesn't.”

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