White House: Businesses May Need Legal Protection from Negligence Lawsuits

Lobbying groups are calling on Congress to protect businesses from a potential slew of lawsuits when Americans go back to work. They want lawmakers to make sure business owners don't go under in wake of the pandemic.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says businesses should not be held responsible for employees or customers getting sick from COVID-19. Kudlow says business owners need confidence if something happens, it won't automatically be their fault. However, KTRH legal analyst Chris Tritico doubts there will be a spike in lawsuits.

“It’s a pretty tough standard in my view to hold a business responsible from a virus that typically you can be contagious for 14 days or longer with and not even know you have it,” Tritico said.

In addition, Tritico says most businesses have been taking extra precautions amid the health crisis.

While Congress may consider the issue, Tritico says laws protecting business would likely be more effective at the state level.

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