Texas Colleges and Universities Could Wait Until 2021 to Reopen Campuses

President Donald Trump has released guidelines for how to reopen parts of the economy, including schools. However, some college and university leaders are worried they won't be ready for a rush of students back to the classroom come the fall.

Teachers and students continue to work from home amid the health emergency. Now questions are being raised as to whether schools will be ready to welcome everyone back to campus by the fall.

A growing number of university and college administrators say resuming in-person classes by this fall are slim. Some say the real goal of reopening campuses should be January of 2021. David Dillard, Education expert and President of KD College Prep in Dallas, says those administrators have legitimate concerns.

“They have challenges they have never had to deal with before. When you are dealing with usually large concentrations of people and you now have to space out, how are you going to do that? And you’ve got to be ready to deal with their housing, and you have to be ready for additional layers of medical support that you’ve never had before,” Dillard said.

Dillard predicts Texas colleges will continue to hold classes primarily online. So, is it as good of an education as in person? Dillard says the key is engagement. If the professors and students take it seriously, they can make real progress.

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