Lots of us won't get full refunds on cancellations

A new survey finds a majority of Americans have cancelled or no longer plan to attend events because of the pandemic. Only 30% will receive full refunds.

Bankrate's Ted Rossman says airlines have been among the most stubborn when it comes to a cash refund.

"While they've been generous when it comes to fee waivers, cancellation waivers, that sort of thing, typically they're giving future credit."

Rossman says you might have to get lucky.

"The best way to get actual money back is if the airline itself cancels your flight. If you speak up and cancel there's a good chance you'll get any change fees waived, but you'll get it in the form of a future credit."

In the survey, 15% said they got nothing back from a cancelled event.

Rossman says everything's negotiable, but you need to make a plan.

"Do you want actual money back? Would you be willing to settle for a credit? Maybe you can even propose some sort of compromise; if the company's really holding firm on 'you know what, look, we can't give you your money back' then maybe you can at least settle for a future credit."

Rossman says airlines have been willing to negotiate, but in many cases you're better off disputing the charge with your credit card company.

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