Questions Surround Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Handling of COVID-19

Chinese president Xi Jinping is pushing back against accusations his government initially covered up information about the coronavirus.

The leader of Beijing’s Communist government says any attempt to politicize the pandemic is “detrimental to international cooperation”. An apparent jab against the trump administration, which is questioning China for not sharing data more quickly. Author, Blogger, and Columnist Gordon Chang says President Xi is responsible for the outbreak getting out of control. He says Chinese officials knew about a COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan five and a half weeks before they admitted it.

“So, we’ve got to be concerned, that at best, his actions were reckless,” Chang told KTRH. “Probably they were malicious. Because we have to understand the malevolence of the Chinese system.”

Chang says President Xi is not trustworthy. While in office, he's curtailed freedoms, threatened his neighbors with a military buildup in the South China Sea, and put a million of his own citizens in camps because of their ethnic and religious background.

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