Mainstream media's goal is to make themselves look good, Trump look bad

The mainstream media isn't letting a little thing like a pandemic get in the way of their mission to make themselves look good and President Trump look bad.

It's not about facts. Republican strategist Jessica Colon says it's just about taking shots at Trump, even if the facts tell a different story.

"We have seen them be antagonistic throughout this process," Colon explained. "When President Trump shut down travel from China he was ridiculed and criticized."

The media also ignored New York's slow response to the virus. Colon says you have to do your own homework to stay informed

"You have to look at a lot of news outlets and decide for yourself what you are going to believe as opposed to being able to rely on one source of media to get the real facts," Colon said.

Even Dr. Anthony Fauci has had it up to here with the mainstream media. He snapped at them earlier this week, which you can check out below.

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