Houston Officials Warn Against Rash of Fake Coronavirus Tests

Federal, state, and local agencies are warning Americans about a rash of fake coronavirus test kits on the internet. They say scammers are trying to take advantage of you amid the pandemic.

Officials are asking you not to trust Do-it-yourself COVID-19 home testing kits. They are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are often smuggled into the U.S. from outside the country. In addition, some scammers have been going door to door in white suits and face masks. Assistant Professor Nicholas Beyda, with the University of Houston’s School of Pharmacy, says the fake tests are dangerous.

“They haven’t been shown to be accurate,” Beyda told KTRH. “If it gives you a false positive result, it may make you more anxious. You may seek out medical care and expose yourself unnecessarily. If it gives you a false negative result, you can also infect people in your family.”

Beyda’s advice: always get it done by a professional. Houston’s Health Department says they're carrying out more official tests every week. For details, CLICK HERE.

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