Fort Bend County Expands COVID-19 Testing Site to All Residents

County Judge KP George announced publicly on Tuesday that the Fort Bend County testing site for COVID-19 is now open to all residents -- whether or not they are experiencing symptoms from the novel coronavirus. The Judge announced the expansion in the open session of the Commissioner’s Court. 

“I am pleased that we have found the resources to open our county testing side to everyone who wants to be tested, at no cost to them,” Judge KP George said shortly after the Commissioners Court meeting. “I want to thank all the hard working Fort Bend County and Access Health employees who are working around the clock to make our community safer for families and especially those most vulnerable to this terrible virus. I pray that more testing will help save lives.”

There is no requirement for symptoms to be tested. Under the expanded testing policy, residents of Fort Bend can call (281) 238-2363 to get an identification code and to schedule date and time. They must bring the code with them to the appointment. The County is able to do 200 tests per day. The test is free to the resident. 

The County launched the testing site on March 30 with partners AccessHealth and Luminaire. Until now, people were screened to determine if they were symptomatic or in a high risk category, such as first responders. So far, the site has tested 854 individuals. That figure is updated daily on the County’s Response Hub (lower left corner of the data) at 8:30 a.m. There is a guide for navigating the hub at this link.

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