Houston home sales were strong before the pandemic

April is not going to be a good month for Houston housing sales. But the March numbers are better than you might think and demand for homes will roar back once the pandemic settles down.

Laith Daik at Texas Loan Star says it's not easy to sell a house when buyers have been told to stay home.

"So without physically going out and looking at open houses and visiting houses that are on the market it makes it very challenging."

But not impossible. John Nugent of the Houston Association of Realtors says some buy after just a virtual tour of the home online.

"Well, I would encourage people not to do that, personally. I don't think it's a good. I think most people that want to buy a house will go actually take a look at it."

Daik says April numbers will be ugly but the future is bright.

"We're very encouraged by, overall, the way things are progressing and hoping the housing market will rebound as we get into the summer months."

Nugent says a lot of potential buyers are suffering financially because of the virus.

"Although, interest rates are really at a historic low, so now is a good time to buy."

HAR's latest report shows home sales were strong in March and the virus had little effect.

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