Dress for Success, or Just…Dress

People working from home are giving a new meaning to Casual Friday.Not having to worry about dressing for work is having a big impact on how people dress while working from home, most foregoing the formalities.

Advanced Dermatology asked almost 1,500 people that are working from home due to Coronavirus how they are adapting to professional social distancing.Here's what they found:

54% of surveyed respondents say they're worried about potential weight gain while working remotely. Top reasons include 1. Being less physically active (44%) 2. Having easier access to food (37%) 3. Eating more to cope with anxiety (19%). 

One in five admit to brushing their teeth less than normal, while one in three say they're showering and doing laundry less often than normal. 

61% say they're doing their hair less and just 19% are regularly wearing makeup. 

91% of respondents say they dress more casually working from home, however 50% of respondents said they dress up for video calls and 46% put makeup on for video calls. 

How people are mentally processing the strains that have been introduced as we manage our lives during Covid 19 is becoming a concern for mental health care professionals, who suggest keeping to routines and dressing nicely can help.

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