The pandemic is not good for your waistline

People are doing silly things to their health during lockdowns. They're drinking too much, using drugs and overeating junk food.

KTRH medical expert Dr. Joe Galati says liquor is flying off the shelves.

"The statistics are showing that there's is a tremendous spike in alcohol purchasing and alcohol consumption."

Dr. Galati says a trip to the grocery store confirms a lot of stress eating.

"The junk food aisles are empty and so it tells you people feel better when they're eating chips and dips and crackers and cookies."

Dr. Galati says stress eating is to be expected.

"That combined with maybe drinking too much, not exercising, not getting out walking around -- it's sort of a perfect storm for gaining weight, getting your diabetes out of control and high blood pressure."

Dr. Galati says stay in contact with friends and family to deal with feeling stressed out or depressed. He says if you have drug or alcohol counseling sessions you can't attend, talk to counselors over the phone or with apps like Zoom or Skype.

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