Houston Military Recruiters Step up Online Efforts Amid Pandemic

Military recruitment across the country is down amid the health emergency. But here in Houston, Army recruiters are ramping up their efforts online.

The coronavirus quarantine and the state's “stay-at-home” order have forced recruiting stations to close their doors. However, recruiters in Houston like Lt. Colonel Barry Winnegan say they've never stopping working.

“We have one of the best virtual recruiting teams in the entire Army. So we spend a lot of time on reaching young men and women in the virtual space,” Winnegan told KTRH.

He says safety remains a top priority, so recruiters are doing everything via phone, text, online chats or by video. He says one big challenge right now isn't talking to potential army recruits, but carrying out the steps after they decide to join.

“[I’m thinking] How do I get fingerprints for this young man or woman? How do I do all these additional checks that have to happen in order for them to join the U.S. Army,” Winnegan said.

Members of the Army and the Navy also recruit young people by participating in e-sports, which allows them to continue to practice social distancing.

If you are interesting in following the Army’s recruitment efforts in Houston, CLICK HERE.

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