Deciding how to re-open the economy is going to be tricky

The debate between public health and re-opening the economy in the middle of a pandemic is picking up steam.

It's a delicate balance. Brian Joondeph with the American Thinker is a doctor, but he also knows we can't shut down the economy for as long as some want. He told KTRH some would have us be shut down for 12 to 18 months.

"There will be nothing left. This will be a third world country by then," Joondeph said.

Joondeph says there's one man who will make the final decision, and the mainstream media wants President Trump to get it wrong.

"You know what the narrative is going to be. That's what Trump is up against. But I believe he will make a good decision," Joondeph explained, adding that thinks the best way to re-open the economy is to do it in phases.

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