What better way to social distance than E-Sports?

In South Korea, some E-Sports players make millions, but it's yet to fully catch on here. With people trapped indoors, some think the pandemic will popularize E-Sports in America, shown on Twitch or even on cable-TV.

Some of the E-Sports games like "League of Legends" can be hard to follow on TV, but investment analyst Will Hershey told NBC virtual basketball is easy to watch.

"As an example NBA 2K, which is the NBA sports simulation game. The Phoenix Suns announced they're going to play the rest of their season virtually; that's a place for people missing basketball to tune in."

Hershey says shooters are also easy to understand.

"The "Call of Duty" league which is from Activision/Blizzard announced they're taking their matches online. On Twitch they're raising awareness and money for Covid-19 by getting people to donate on the Twitch stream, so there's potentially several benefits that can come out here."

If you want to do more than just watch others play, Hershey says "Rocket League" is pretty easy game to play; he says it's soccer played in cars.

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