POLL: Coronavirus outbreak impacts 90%; more people turning to prayer

It's hard to find someone that hasn't been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the Pew Research Center 90 percent of you feel like your life has changed at least a little bit. Shannon Holzer at Houston Baptist University some of the impacts are positive.

"Our religious lives are changed. We are growing closer to God. That's always a good thing," Holzer said.

Fifty-five percent of you said they have prayed for an end to the outbreak. Holzer says there's a reason for that.

"We recognize that he's the source of all goodness, and once that's taken away from us we go back and we ask for his protection again to restore us to health and to normalcy," Holzer explained.

Even those that aren't religious have turned to prayer ; that includes 24% of those who didn't belong to any religion and 15% of those who previously rarely prayed.

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