Medical Waste Workers Gear Up to Handle Increase in Coronavirus Trash

The trash industry is gearing up to deal with a rise in infectious waste. That includes companies in Texas who dispose of used hospital equipment.

Workers with Texas Medical Waste are taking extra precautions as they get rid of trash carrying the COVID-19 virus. Kirk Flippin's company covers hospitals and doctor's offices from Austin to San Antonio.

“The handling of all the medical waste increased where they require additional packaging and then labeled with a placard on it that indicates that this is a COVID-19 Coronavirus infectious waste,” Flippin told KTRH.

Now, business is about to get even busier.

“Hotels are being utilized to house potential coronavirus patients. So that’s in the process right now, and is pretty much already in effect. That will increase the coronavirus boxes [that we will dispose of],” Flippin said.

One challenge: a shortage of PPE, the garments workers wear to protect themselves. Flippin says he has to manage his resources to ensure the virus doesn't spread among his own staff.

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