Texas Colleges Refunding Hundreds of Millions in Room and Board

Texas colleges will refund hundreds of millions of dollars to students this year. This after classes have moved online and students have returned home.

Most colleges and universities have sent their students home to finish the semester remotely amid the coronavirus. Now, parents footing the bill are in contact with schools to get money back for room and board, meals, and in some cases, parking. Republican Congressman Lance Gooden first drew attention to the issue on the Fox News Channel in March.

“If you pay for room and board, and you’re being kicked out of your dorm, it only makes sense that you would get that money back,” Rep. Gooden said. “If I cancel a hotel reservation, even if it’s nonrefundable, hotels are refunding my deposit, my room.”

The process for getting refunds varies by school. The University of Houston, for example, has posted information online in order to apply for pro-rated refunds.

For a look at the colleges and universities most impacted across the state, CLICK HERE.

Texas A&M During Sunset, College Station, TX

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