Trump tries positive thinking but media plays Debbie Downer

President Trump is trying to lead America through a crisis using positive thinking.

So, when the President said that he was hoping to open the country back up for business by Eastern Sunday, he was doing it to try and give people a little light at the end of the tunnel. He knew it was a longshot, but former Texas Congressman Ted Poe says he'd rather Trump be optimistic than a Debbie Downer

"He does believe that this crisis will be solved. He's not all gloom, doom and despair, and he's not like those in the media that make it seem like we are all going to die," Poe explained.

The mainstream media pounced, saying Trump was putting you in danger. Poe says he's not surprised, because that's what they have done from the moment Trump became a serious candidate in 2015.

"They criticized him for being to quick to close the borders, and now they are saying he didn't close the borders quick enough, Poe explained, adding that they will do anything just to make Trump look bad.

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