Houston Interfaith Leaders Call for Moment of Prayer and Reflection

Houstonians came together in prayer at noon Monday calling for an end to the coronavirus.

Faith leaders asked the public take a five minute break at noon to pray. However, even if you missed that moment, interfaith groups say you can still help. Pastor Harvey Clemons, at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, says

the COVID-19 outbreak has separated Houstonians from their communities, which is why everyone, no matter where you are, is invited to join in a moment of reflection.

“Most important [is that] we see the power of prayer, and that we are all united together in working to try and end this pandemic,” Sister Jane Meyer, Saint Agnes Academy’s Head of School, told KTRH.

Meyer says she’s praying for medical professionals, first responders, and the most vulnerable. On Monday, she delivered a message to the St. Agnes Community on social media.

“There’s just a comradery about the Houston community that pulls together and supports one another whenever support is needed,” Meyer said. “And to do whatever we can do to help others.”

Christian, Jewish and Muslim groups have all agreed to encourage their faith communities to participate.

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Prayer: bird's eye view

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