Houston coronavirus cases on the rise; Abbott takes further action

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to rise, Governor Gregg Abbott has taken more drastic actions to keep Texas safe.

Abbott has expanded the mandatory 14-day quarantine issued last week to include people who've traveled from the entire state of Louisiana by road or air and by air from 10 other states.

"I am updating that executive order to also include travel by road," said Abbott. "Travel by road from any location in the state of Louisiana."

Abbott said this will not apply to travel related to commercial activity, military service, emergency response, health response, or critical infrastructure functions.

The Department of Public Safety will be enforcing the order at entry points from Louisiana.


  • The Number of cases in the Houston area is now at 922. Harris County reporting 240 cases with Houston reporting 286. Eight people have died in the area.
  • The state of Texas has at least 2,820 cases, with 37 people losing their lives.
  • The city of Galveston has closed all public beaches in the city. They are also restricting traffic on the beach west of the end of the Seawall. That will run through April 5th.
  • FEMA is extending flood insurance renewal policies to help customers affected by the pandemic. You now have a 120-day grace period to renew your policy instead of 30 days.
  • A Harris County Jail inmate has tested positive for the virus, and officials say 30 other inmates showing symptoms
  • And Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez says a 14-year-old boy has been charged allegedly coughed on produce as a prank at a grocery store in north Harris County. The teenager is facing a charge of Tampering with Consumer Products."

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