Former Military Medical Personnel: WE NEED YOU AGAIN!

Combined Arms got the call from the Texas Medical Center that prior service members with medical training may be needed as a possible reserve medical corps in the Houston region. “They knew that veterans military folks have specific skills and experience that can be very useful in times of crisis, particularly as it relates to medical and health care delivery,” says the man in charge.

CEO John Boestler is leading the drive to put together a list of people with the right stuff. He explains that Combined Arms is a clearing house for 450 resources that focus on military veterans in the greater Houston area. They service veterans on matters of employment, mental health, housing, accessing benefits and the like. There are 72 member organizations…government and non-profits that work together to make Texas the best place for veterans and their families.

“We are doing a call out to any veterans or family members with skills and experience related to the medical or healthcare industries, whether you got those skills and experience during your service or after,” he details.

Most military service members are given a combat lifesaver course – generally 40 hours of written and practical instruction that Boestler says is almost one level below an EMT, though in the field the practical application can be more extensive. They can administer IV’s and take blood, services that may be in high demand in the future, in addition to other skills. Many have training beyond that. If you think you may be of service -- you may be of service. These are volunteer positions, but there are many who have worn the uniform of their country and answered the call who know about volunteering in times of need. Stand tall.

There is a simple form to register. Go here.

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