Can the U.S. Curb China’s Dominance of Medical Supplies?

A new study proposes a way the United States could add hundreds of thousands of good-paying manufacturing jobs. But it won't be easy.

Jeff Ferry at the Coalition for a Prosperous America proposes the federal government take the lead in promoting pharmaceutical production at home rather than in China. Right now, the communist nation supplies the ingredients and the production for many generic drugs you see at the pharmacy.

“Globalization led to too much production, leaving the United States going to Asia and low cost countries,” Ferry told KTRH. “It’s hurt our economy and when we have a crisis as we are living through right now, it shows we’re not really prepared to meet our domestic needs.”

Ferry co-authored the new study, which states the U.S. could create 800,000 jobs. Rosemary Gibson, at the Hastings Center, has written extensively about the dangers of American dependence on Chinese pharmaceuticals.

“Several weeks ago, the Chinese state news media threatened the United State with withholding antibiotics and other critical drugs to take care of people with Coronavirus. That’s a threat to all Americans,” Gibson said.

Gibson agrees Washington needs to spearhead the effort.

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