The Astros were supposed to start the season today

Today was supposed to be a celebration of the American League pennant. Today was supposed to be a day to create memories for kids possibly going to their first baseball game. But, none of that is happening.

The COVID-19 outbreak has the entire sports world on hold. That includes Major League Baseball. Astros broadcaster Steve Sparks calls that disappointing, but understandable.

"The safety and the concern for everybody's well being is first and foremost right now," Sparks said.

The players have not had games or spring training for a couple of weeks now. Sparks explained how they are trying to stay sharp for when the sport returns.

"About half of the players are here in Houston. So they could probably meet somewhere and get their work in. As far as lifting weights goes, that's something they will have to do on their own," Sparks stated.

Baseball is reportedly discussing different variables when it comes to a return. Sparks says no one knows what is going to happen.

"A lot of it will depend on how responsible and disciplined everybody is to do the right thing, so that we can keep everybody healthy," Sparks explained.

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