Investors Left Uncertain in “Volatile” Stock Market

The stock market remains volatile, as investors doubt whether they should buy or sell amid the coronavirus pandemic.

They’re asking if the panic selling is over or if stocks have further to fall? Personal Finance expert Steve Bucci says no one knows for sure.

“What you can tell for sure is that the market is going to be extremely volatile for the next period of time,” Bucci said. “Whether that be the next few months or for the remainder of the year.”

Some investors are taking a counterintuitive approach. They’re waiting for coronavirus headlines to get scarier before buying. However, Bucci says that's not a good idea.

“The best advice I can give folks who are really concerned about the market is to just hold tight right now. At least in my experience has been every time I try to outsmart the market, it outsmarts me,” Bucci added.

Bucci says what's important right now he's trying to boost or maintain a high personal credit score.

Stock markets on the decline

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