If you can't work, you need government, which is what the left wants

While some of us are working, the coronavirus outbreak has already led to many people losing their paychecks. That may be what liberals in Washington are counting on.

The theory is this. You're not working, so you are banking on government to help you make it through. Republican strategist Luke Macias says that is what Democrats want.

"You are creating significant dependency on the government. You are taking the most productive members of society and telling them that you are ceasing their productivity," Macias explained.

We know this will eventually pass, and we know things will get back to normal. But Macias says there's a lot we don't know, too.

"Hopefully the government will get out of the way, and say that our economy can be productive again. But we don't know how long it's going to take to turn that economic engine back on," Macias said, adding that you can't just turn the lights of society off, and then turn them back on like a switch.

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