It's a new thing - calling your friends and talking to them!

There's a new communication method going around and it's making Psychologist Dr. John Huber very excited. "It is an amazing thing. We're actually using our phones again for what they were originally created for!" Dr. Huber says texts and emojis just don't compare with a real-life phone conversation with a friend...something that many young people have never experienced. Huber has hope this could be a silver lining in the coronavirus cloud.

"Maybe the self-imposed sequestering is going to be good for more than just stopping the spread of coronavirus. Just maybe it's helping us reconnect with what's important - and that's the people around us."

Huber says it's a great improvement over facebook "likes and emojis. "Texting just doesn't do it. Emojis just aren't good enough. When you hear that excitement in somebody's voice --- that just fills us with the very best next thing to actually being right there and holding their hand."

Try it yourself this week when you're about to text or email a friend. Give it a try and surprise an old friend.

Young woman sat using her laptop and talking on the phone in the park

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