Will 'fatigue' lead to second wave of coronavirus infections?

While we continues to see the first wave of COVID-19 infections, there is concern over how a possible second wave might happen.

The concern is that people will get tired of sitting at home, go out, and maybe infect someone or be infected by someone else. Psychologist Wendy Rice says we are all anxious and anxiety is exhausting.

"Worrying about our finances, our jobs, how we are going to keep our kids entertained; it uses a lit of energy to be worried," Rice said.

So we break and fall back into bad habits. Rice says we need to make sure we understand that times have changed for now.

"This is the new normal. We have to hope that people learn how to make these changes and understand that we have to keep them up," Rice explained.

Because if they don't following things that social distancing, that second wave could happen.

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