Truckers Delivering Goods Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

We've seen schools, businesses and major events all shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak. What hasn’t stopped, however, is trucking.

Truckers across the state and the country are busy delivering everyday items to restock store shelves.

However, it’s tough going for a lot of truck drivers, as many shops and restaurants remain closed.

“We’re down to, if we can get our hands on it, eating bologna sandwiches and that’s pretty much what we’re living on, and hot dogs,” Paul Pavilionis told KTRH. “Because we really can’t get any hot, prepared food.”

Pavilionis delivers food items to big grocery stores across the country. He says his job has gotten busier the last two weeks. However, other trucks, like the ones transporting crude oil, say it’s slow going.

“With the crude oil prices dropping, that is causing our loads to not be as plentiful as what they used to be,” Krista Welsh, a Houston-area trucker, explained. “Before the war between Russia and Saudi Arabia over the crude prices.”

Welsh says if you’re hitting the road, be courteous to truck drivers, as they’re likely hauling important household goods.

Tilt Shot Of Semi-Truck On Highway During Sunset

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