Fact or Fiction: Heat and Sunshine can Kill Coronavirus

People are saying our upcoming heat and sunshine could help kill coronavirus. Granted, sunshine kills some viruses, but Infectious Diseases expert Dr. Edward Rensimer of the International Medicine Center says it may not be a factor in fighting coronavirus. "At this point it's not known with the current coronavirus if UV will be a factor in downgrading this epidemic."

He's also not sure about our upcoming high temperatures."Whether heat has a direct effect on viruses is a difficult question because viruses cause fevers and they seem to go on for days in spite of the fever they cause in the body."

Dr. Rensimer says the spread could also slow in warmer weather because buildings have better air circulation and we are adjusting to the "new normal" of more hand washing, making a habit of disinfecting shared surfaces and shying away from handshakes.

Dr. Rensimer says as the research continues we'll have more to go on.

Hot weather thermometer Getty RF

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