What does the rest of your child's school year look like?

Today was the day your kids were supposed to go back to school. But because of the COVID-19 scare that isn't happening.

In fact, many districts in the Houston area have extended their breaks, leaving parents to try and basically home school their kids. One of those districts is Fort Bend ISD, and Superintendent Dr. Charles Dupre says everything is a big question mark right now.

"We don't know when we are going to re-open as a school district," Dupre said in a YouTube video posted by the district last week. "We don't know what the rest of the school year is going to look like."

Zeph Capo with the Houston Federation of Teachers says teachers are trying to plan the future, as districts like HISD try to plan for online classes.

"We've had teachers come together online thinking about how they could continue education for kids, thinking about what they are going to do," Capo explained.

Capo says more parents appreciate what teachers do now.

"Most of my friends, after being a parent-teacher at home, have a deeper appreciation for what we do, particularly when we handle twenty, thirty or forty kids at a time in the classroom," Capo said.

KTRH reached out to multiple school districts in the area, but they could not talk to us because they simply had no answers as to how the rest of the school year would play out.

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