"Stay Home Mandate" Issued For New Orleans

LaToya Cantrell, Mayor of New Orleans, has issued what she called a "stay home Mandate" late Friday afternoon via press conference. Residents are told to stay home whenever possible, only going out for critical needs she said. "We are telling our people and businesses to stay home."

It is not clear how this differs from the shelter-in-place order. Critical businesses are expected to remain open, including health care providers, grocers, pharmacies, banks, newsrooms, and take-out and drive-through restaurants. "We are prepared to enforce at every single level," Cantrell said.

That includes police officers writing citations, code officers visiting businesses , and officers breaking up large gatherings of people. All New Orleans police officers, regardless of deployment, have been mandated to be in uniform, the mayor said.

Cantrell also said the city government is moving toward limited functions and operations, and will only provide "basic city services."

New Orleans Health Department Director Jennifer Avegno said the order means New Orleanians should not leave home except to go to the doctor, get groceries, or go to work performing an essential service.

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