Obamacare celebrates an unhappy birthday in March

March marks the not so happy 10th birthday for the so-called Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

It's a law that is still being fought in the courts. Attorney and political analyst Michel Maples says coming up with something that works isn't easy.

"It goes to show how complicated this is. If it were easy, each party would have a solution that they would be comfortable in sharing with the American people," Maples explained.

The Supreme Court is getting involved again, agreeing to hear arguments in a case that would wipe out Obamacare. And Maples says it's the best way to settle it.

"The courts are the ultimate arbiters. That's really your best chance of getting an unbiased, third party panel to look at a decision," Maples stated.

And Maples adds that if the President wins re-election, he will be under that much more pressure to deliver on a very divisive issue.

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