Could illegal immigration bring coronavirus to the United States?

There is the chance that illegal immigration could wind up bringing the coronavirus to the United States.

Since 2020 began we have had 328 immigrants from China caught crossing into the U.S. illegally. South Korean illegals have been caught as well. Beitbart's Bob Price explains how they get here.

"They fly into Brazil or Mexico, and then make their way up to the border," Price explained, adding that these illegals will pay smugglers to help them get here.

Price says there are things we can do if this becomes more of a problem.

"We could certainly shut down ports of entry, or increase the presence along the border of the National Guard. This President would do anything that he felt he needed to do to protect the citizens of the United States," Price stated.

That said, as of now, Price says the threat of coronavirus coming here across the border with illegal aliens is low.

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