Will this bull market make it to its 11th birthday??

The bull market is supposed to celebrate its 11th birthday on Monday. That is if the coronavirus doesn't kill it.

You're starting to hear about the beginning of a bear market with the way Wall Street has performed these last two weeks. Financial planner Bill Dendy says even if we get one, we will get through it.

"The economy tends to have a way to survive anything. We have disruption, but that doesn't mean it's the end of economics as we know it," Dendy said.

A bear market generally starts when you get a 20% sustained stock market drop. Dendy says we aren't there yet, and even if we are, we've seen worse.

"In 2008, it was over a 50% drop. What we are seeing right now is not the beginning of a bear market yet," Dendy said adding that it's astounding to think that a virus can do all of this economic damage.


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