Socialists, jerks and liars; how we describe 2020 candidates

Politicians want to be described one way. Then there's reality.

They spend big money on marketing. But voters use the terms 'socialist.' Media strategist Adam Goodman says Elizabeth Warren has earned her nickname of 'liar' from Republicans.

"When she refused to talk about how she was going to play for any of her plans, that's when she was accused of not telling the truth," Goodman said.

And when the President of the United States labels you with a nickname, like Crazy Bernie or Crooked Hillary, all the money you spent to be marketed goes out the window. Then again, so does the nickname 'jerk' that Trump haters use to describe him.

"I think the President wears that as a badge of honor," Goodman stated, adding that Trump is a master at coming up with ways to label his opponents.

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