White Liberal TX Senate Candidate Says Her Heart Is “Latino”

Annie "Mamá" Garcia is just following the Beto model, saying she has “el corazón Latino”.

Garcia is one of a number of Democrats running in the Texas senate primary. She’s trying to stand out from the other candidates by basically saying she’s more Hispanic than the others even though she’s white and grew up in the Midwest. She'll even appear on the ballot as Annie "Mamá" Garcia.

Jonathan Tilove of the Austin American-Statesman tells the interesting story of Garcia, he writes:

“Ballot names matter. Another Senate candidate, Sema Hernandez, got nearly a quarter of the vote in the 2018 primary against Beto O'Rourke, on $4,000, sweeping some border counties...Garcia said she was inspired by Brad "Scarface"Jordan, a rapper who ran for Houston City Council last year. (He lost in the runoff.) "I'm obviously Mamá because my oldest child, who is 7 years old, that's what he calls me." So too, she said, folks at a hospital in Spain, where she launched a non-profit after her daughter's illness.”

Garcia basically says she is more “Hispanic” than the other candidate because she says she “chose to learn Spanish” and she “chose to live in Spain and Ecuador for six years”.

Tilove notes that in the lightning round at last week’s KVUE-TV Senate debate, candidates were asked: "So in one word, tell us the quality you have that makes you the most qualified person on the stage to take on senator John Cornyn." Garcia said “Corazón.Vota para la Mamá harta con el corazón Latino.Vote for the fed-up Mamá with a Latino heart."


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