Texas Railroad Commission Rule Change Opens New Land to Fracking

The Texas Railroad Commission adopts a rule change that opens the door for more fracking across the state. The goal is simple: energy independence.

According to the RRC's website, Rule 3.40 “restricted exploration in unconventional fracture treated fields when oil and gas mineral ownership is divided at different depths below the surface. A UFT field is a field in which horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing must be used to recover oil and gas.”

“To take advantage of technological advances that can tap into once inaccessible hydrocarbon resources in UFT fields, Commissioners voted to allow assignment of acreage to multiple wells in these fields. This rule revision will further protect mineral owner interest and allow access to additional resources.”

Industry insiders say it is a longtime coming.

“We'll see a lot less red tape and a lot more efficiency to get it to market and be able to the hydraulic fracturing, and not take so much time in trying to deal with the mineral right owners,” says Kym Bolado is host of 'In the Oil Patch,' Sunday nights on KTRH.

“The legislators have done their part in making sure that municipalities cannot ban fracking, but there was always another area, which was these multiple mineral right owners,” she added.

The new rule goes into effect March 3.

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