Coronavirus is in the news. The flu could be in your home.

Coronavirus is in the news - but isn't influenza more dangerous to you? Dr. Chris Prihoda with Village Medical Centers says your chances are very low for coronavirus - and moderate for the flu."The flu is still our primary target. The risk of coronavirus in the U.S. is nil to low at best; whereas the flu still affects 30 million Americans a year." Prihoda says in order to stay well:and keep those around you well:

  1. get a flu shot and
  2. wash your hands often.
  3. if you're ill, stay home and
  4. cover your mouth when you cough.

"I can see sick patients in the office and never get sick. I wash my hands between appointments. But when I go home - it's a guarantee that a sick kid will crawl up into my lap and cough in my face."

He says the majority of his Family Practice these days is with flu patients. "The past few weeks are the greatest number of patients I have see with the flu in this season. It's hard to know. It could still get worse. Sometimes it doesn't peak till Spring Break."

Prihoda adds, "The flu is definitely the most common thing going around right now that is coming through our doors". The CDC says this flu season has seen 26 million Americans sick with the flu and about 250,000 flu-related hospitalizations.

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