Will GOP stick together as Senate votes today on impeachment witnesses?

The Senate is set to vote today on witnesses in the impeachment trial of President Trump. Will Senate Republicans stick together?

Ultimately, strategist Chris Wilson says he doesn't expect a win for the Democrats.

"It looks like there are 51 votes against from what I can tell; from the comments coming out and from my relationships with certain members of the Senate," Wilson said.

But there are some Republicans who might vote for witnesses. KTRH's Rush Limbaugh's explains why that is.

"There is so much hatred for Donald Trump; even among elected Republicans, House and Senate," Limbaugh said. "They have such a distaste for an outsider."

But, Wilson says that he sees it a bit differently.

"It is more reflective of the Democrat Party and the fact that they do put their party above country," Wilson explained. "Mitch McConnell wouldn't be happy to hear me say it, but I think there is value whenever you see Republicans not vote the party line and vote their conscience."

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