Less politics, more humor in the Super Bowl ads

Kansas City Chiefs Practice

Fox says the cost of a 30-second spot during this year's Super Bowl ranges from $5 to $5.6 million. That's a long way from the first Super Bowl between the Packers and Chiefs on NBC. It was a mere 38-grand for 30-seconds, January 15th, 1967.

Some worry advertisers will try to make the President the butt of their jokes, but University of Houston marketing professor Dr. Betsy Gelb says they'd be stupid to risk angering half the audience.

"I do not think they're going to risk alienating anybody that they don't have to alienate."

There will be direct political ads. Both Mike Bloomberg and President Trump have spent ten million dollars on Super Bowl ads. Bloomberg's features an anti-gun mom whose son was killed.

"I know Mike isn't afraid of the gun lobby; they're scared of him."

But most of the ads will shoot for humor, like a Budweiser ad that calls back to the well-known 'wazzup' ads of 1999.

Also this year is a Hyundai Sonata ad that celebrates the Boston accent.

A Doritos ad that features a dramatic reading of song lyrics by legendary cowboy actor Sam Elliot.

And a Cheetos ad that imagines MC Hammer at a piano composing his biggest hit -- and then realizing he has Cheetos dust, or Cheedle, on his fingers.

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