We're in the wild, Wild West days of streaming

When it comes to NetFlix, Hulu and the other major streamers, right now, it's hard to know who has the most viewers. Each has a different standard for measuring viewers of shows.

Houston media blogger Mike McGuff says it probably won't be like this too much longer.

"I think of Nielson and Arbitron and all these different services that measure ratings and I think we're still in the wild, Wild West of streaming so, eventually they're gonna have to decide on some standard."

But why should you, the home viewer care?

"I think viewers should care about measurement because they have a certain amount of time and they want to watch shows they know will be around and they don't want to waste their time on something that's going to get cancelled."

McGuff says the one thing you can count on in the digital age is change.

"Think about the time when everyone was cutting the cord and now they're saying 'wait, maybe the cutting the cord isn't as cheap as we thought, it actually might be more expensive than cable,' so I think we're in for a long road on this one."

All of this also applies to the music and spoken word streamers, like Spotify and our own iHeartMedia.

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