Democrats counting on moderate GOP Senators to come through for them

If the Democrats are to succeed when it comes to impeachment, they need help from a group of moderate Republican Senators that might just disappoint them when it's all said and done.

The of six group includes Mitt Romney and Susan Collins. Fox News contributor Adam Goodman tells KTRH the Democrats are trying to put those six between a rock and a hard place.

"The Democrats have given up on throwing the President out of the White House. Their strategy now is have a long trial, call many witnesses and squeeze the Republicans in the middle," Goodman explained.

But Goodman says there are some in that group running for re-election this year, and politics trumps all.

"For all six, it is certain that if they break with the GOP, the base will be ignited," Goodman stated.

Four of the six, including Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Cory Gardner and Martha McSally, are running for re-election this year.

Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump Continues

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