The Texas House hasn't been blue in 18 years

Worried about democrats gaining more control in the Texas Legislature, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is considering lowering the threshold to bring bills to the floor to a simple majority.

Rice political science Professor Bob Stein says republicans are facing reality.

"I think the actions of the governor, the lieutenant governor and for that matter the Republican Party leaders tell you the state has become competitive; the democrats have picked up close to 20 seats over the last four election cycles."

Meanwhile it's a different story for republicans in DC.

"I don't think the republican leadership in Washington is excited about how the President handles legislative matters or for that matter foreign policy; that's not a problem with Governor Abbott, I think he has a good team."

Professor Stein says even some republicans are voting for democrats.

"More and more republicans, particularly in places like Fort Bend, in Dallas, Tarrant, Williamson, they're switching over and voting democratic for reasons that may have to less to do with candidates than with simple issues."

Professor Stein says the State House could turn blue for the first time since 2002.

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