Bloomberg's ads aren't telling you the whole story

Mike Bloomberg is blanketing Texas with commercials that make him out to be something he isn't.

The commercials try to portray Bloomberg as a hard working man, just like you. Except there's one problem. Charles Blain at Urban Reform says that's not quite accurate.

"He thinks that people don't know how to use the internet and Google to find out his background. Most people didn't go to Johns Hopkins or Harvard," Blain said.

Because if you go to Google, you'd find out that Bloomberg got a ten million dollar severance package when he was fired from a cushy Wall Street job, and Blain says he is embarrassed by who he really is.

"It's the American Dream to start and build and empire or whatever the case may be," Blain stated, adding that when President Trump ran in 2015 and 2016 he didn't try to hide his wealth. He used it as proof that he could do the job.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Mike Bloomberg Meets Voters And Elected Officials In Norfolk, Virginia

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