Even the jurors in the impeachment trial are bored by this

You might have thought the impeachment trial would be must see TV. But judging by the numbers, it is anything but.

TV ratings are not good. The gallery is said to be half empty. Polling shows you're bored with the whole thing. Political scientist Allan Saxe says the jurors; the Senators, are bored, too.

"Both Republicans and Democratic Senators have said they don't like sitting there without being able to do anything," Saxe explained. "They've wondered why they have had to sit there and listen to the same thing over and over again."

But that was last week with the Democrats trying to lay out a case. Saxe says that all changes this week.

"This week may become a lot more interesting, especially if they vote on witnesses," Saxe said. "It will be more interesting than when we had Schiff and Nadler repeating themselves for hour after hour after hour."

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