Tax season is here and the IRS isn’t ready, report claims

Tax season officially starts this week, a watchdog group found the IRS has poor customer service, outdated technology, refund delay problems and lack of ease when filing for free.

A new report finds the IRS is among the 'lowest performing federal agencies,' when it comes to customer experience.

Reportedly, the IRS budget has been cut, while the number full-time employees fell.

"They have long wait times, can't get information, their computers are always slow, they said they're outdated," said Houston CPA and tax attorney Mark Klecka. "They're trying to deal with getting proper equipment so they can do the work but, right now, they're functioning with old equipment."

He says the IRS will purposely delay large refunds to make sure there is no identity theft or if someone owes back taxes.

Klecka advised to consult a tax professional because they do this day in and day out, not once a year for a few hours.

IRS Building in Washington

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