Here we go again; mainstream media uses fake news on Trump economy

If you looked at the headlines of a recent economic poll, you might think the Trump economy is slowing down. But in reality it was just more fake news.

A new survey said that 57% of you don't expect their finances to improve in 2020. Political strategist Jason Johnson says you have to read between the lines to find the truth.

"You only had 12% of Americans who said they expect things to get somewhat worse and only 4% who said they expected things to get significantly worse," Johnson said.

So 41% said they expected their bottom line to stay steady. Johnson says the media took the findings and created a narrative.

"They take those surveys and they twist them to try and impact public opinion, which is a very corrosive thing," Johnson stated, adding that satirical sites like The Babylon Bee or the Onion reflect more reality than the mainstream media does.

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